Intelligently Automated Warranty Management

Warranties are a vital assurance for your customers. Streamlining processes are key to driving profitability, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

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Unlock the Power of an Optimized Warranty Management Solution

Transform Warranty Operations

Syncron Warranty can seamlessly connect manufacturers with their customers, dealers, and suppliers creating a single source of truth. Process claims, track returns, and upsell new service plans all on one solution while reducing costs and increasing revenue. 

    Support a circular economy

    Drive dynamic returns for failure analysis, refurbishment, and supplier recovery. Manufacturers reduce logistics costs and support services in a sustainable way.

    Automate claims

    Intelligently return components to reduce waste, identify quality issues and align with sustainability initiatives.

    Improve customer satisfaction scores

    Proactively communicate with registered customers and enable easy decision-making to improve NPS.

    Take the hard work out of claims management and supplier recovery

       Ensure maximum warranty cost recovery and create mutual trust

    • Connect your supplier network for easy claims processing

    • Dynamically route returns directly to suppliers

    • Measure network performance with actionable insight


    Provide vital assurances to your customers and take their experience to the next level. Transform your warranty operations and make service leakage and disgruntled customers a thing of the past. 

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