InSync Newsletter – June 2020
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Welcome to InSync, a digital newsletter that provides strategies and resources manufacturers need to make a positive impact on their business. This month’s edition focuses on the increasing importance of after-sales service as manufacturers navigate the near- and long-term impacts brought on by COVID-19.

Featured Articles

Transforming in the Wake of COVID-19

Did you know the operating margin in after-sales service is about 2.5 times that of new equipment sales? As we begin rebuilding after COVID-19, a new Deloitte report highlights why after-sales service offers a unique opportunity for OEMs to differentiate from the competition, enhance the customer experience and increase financial performance. 

Why OEMs Should Explore New Service Models, Starting Now

Nearly 80% of manufacturers anticipate a financial impact from the COVID-19 crisis, leading many to consider more reliable revenue streams. It could be time to focus on digitization and shift delivery of Product-as-a-Service into high gear.  

Upcoming Events

WEBINAR: Back to Basics: Use the Fundamentals of Inventory Optimization to Drive Sustainable Results

Join Syncron and Carlisle on June 17 to learn the significance of service parts inventory optimization and actionable steps teams can take to increase financial performance today. 

New Resources

WHITE PAPER: The Path to Servitization Maturity

As manufacturers seek more predictable revenue streams, this 4-step maturity model provides practical steps to enable the shift to delivering products as services.

Solution Showcase

FEATURE HIGHLIGHT: The True Value of Looking Back

Replay Simulator, a feature of Syncron Inventory™, allows OEMs to change inventory optimization configurations and simulate how changes would have impacted results. This ultimately enables OEMs to be more strategic and better forecast the impact of future inventory decisions.

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