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Welcome to InSync, a digital newsletter that provides strategies and resources manufacturers need to make a positive impact on their business. This month, we focus on the fundamentals of after-sales service optimization and why going back to basics will lead to sustained success.

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Back to the Basics of Inventory Optimization

Optimizing after-sales service is more important than ever, as it serves as a consistent revenue source and profit stabilizer. In this post, we focus on the fundamentals of spare parts inventory optimization, including how to overcome common challenges and how to measure success.

The Fundamentals of Price Optimization

Pressure on pricing is one of the major factors driving manufacturers to seek new after-sales service revenue opportunities. This post highlights common pricing challenges, how to overcome roadblocks and move from basic to intermediate pricing strategies.
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Upcoming Events

WEBINAR: Back to Basics: Using the Fundamentals of Retail Inventory Management to Drive Performance

Join Syncron and Carlisle & Co. on July 23 to learn ways to optimize the service parts supply chain to make an immediate financial impact. This session will specifically focus on the benefits of a sophisticated retail inventory management (RIM) program.

WEBINAR: Beyond the Basics: Parts Pricing Tactics for Best-in-Class Manufacturers

Once manufacturers have established the fundamental building blocks of successful pricing, it’s time to learn intermediate-level strategies that will further enhance financial performance. Join Syncron and Carlisle & Co. on July 30 to learn more!

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WHITE PAPER: The Increasing Importance of After-sales Service

This white paper details how manufacturers can emerge from today’s economic downturn stronger and more resilient, specifically citing lessons from the last financial crisis, near-term strategies for long-term gains and how new business models can contribute to more reliable and predictable revenue.

Solution Showcase

FEATURE HIGHLIGHT: Expand the Value of Syncron Inventory

Connected Inventory, a module of Syncron InventoryTM and Syncron InventoryTM – Retail, incorporates existing connected machine data into a manufacturer’s inventory management system and enables the solution to understand which machines – and consequently which parts – are being operated where and how.

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