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Welcome to InSync, a digital newsletter that provides strategies and resources manufacturers need to make a positive impact on their business. This month, we share resources and tips on how to succeed in light of market and industry changes resulting from the global pandemic. 

Featured Resource:

Parts Price Optimization: Opportunities and Obstacles

Find out how price optimization can improve bottom-line performance, the different pricing strategies for consideration, how to effectively segment parts to simplify the process, and how the price maturity model can help organizations increase value over time.  
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Upcoming Event:

WEBINAR: How Best-in-Class Manufacturers Can Use Connected Product Data to Fuel Growth

Join us on August 27th at 10AM ET as we discuss strategies and frameworks for solving the predictive maintenance data problem at your organization. 

Webinar Replays:

Back to Basics: Using the Fundamentals of Retail Inventory Management to Drive Performance 

Join experts from Syncron and Carlisle & Company as they discuss strategies that teams can use to optimize their retail inventory management platform strategy, implementation and best practices.  

Beyond the Basics: Parts Pricing Tactics for Best-in-Class Manufacturers 

Join experts from Syncron and Carlisle & Company for a discussion on intermediate-level pricing strategies that companies can use after they have already established the fundamental building blocks of successful pricing. 

New Articles:

Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Inventory Optimization Part Two 

Review some common challenges and key considerations planners should think about when it comes to stocking parts, especially across a network of locations.

Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Retail Inventory Management, Part One 

Learn why a high-performance RIM program can increase purchase loyalty and help dealers achieve better off-the-shelf fill rates. 

Solution Showcase:

FEATURE HIGHLIGHT: Expand the value of Syncron Inventory 

New! Simulation Center: To understand the impact of changes in forecast parameters, simulation center allows you to travel back in time, make changes, and see how your stock, service and other important KPI would have developed, if you had actually applied those changes. It’s game-changing insights with fast simulations, a high level of configuration options and a dedicated results report. For anyone making important supply chain decisions, you can’t afford to not simulate the impact before executing the change. The replay simulator is a must! 
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