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Welcome to the latest issue of InSync, the newsletter that delivers insightful resources and articles to help manufacturing professionals guide their price and inventory strategies and win in the aftermarket. 

In this issue, we look ahead at some of the key trends, market forces, and developments that will impact manufacturing and your business in 2021. As usual, we deliver the insight you expect from Syncron to help you prepare for the road ahead. 

New Articles:

Three Predictions for Manufacturing in 2021

Looking back at the beginning of 2020, few would have predicted the challenges we’ve experienced these last 12 months. Many manufacturers are now ready to look forward with an eye toward recovery and new opportunities. While the road ahead may be unclear, we offer three predictions that we believe will shape the journey in 2021.

What a New Administration Means for Manufacturers

In January, a new administration took office in the United States, and with it comes new policies. The manufacturing industry waits to see how existing policies will change or what new policies will be introduced. We offer our insight into the areas that could play a crucial role in new policies and investments to drive economic growth.

Where to Look for Hidden Profit in Your Spare Parts

The majority of aftermarket organizations focus on the roughly 10% of products that make up the biggest portion of revenue. Using a blanket method such as cost-plus for 90% of your catalog means you’re not optimizing your margins—and that unrealized value represents significant profit opportunity. Find out where you can look for hidden profit in your spare parts inventory.

Featured Resources:

Case Study: Toyota Industries Corporation’s Plan to Enhance Inventory Control

A source enterprise of the Toyota Group, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) serves as a manufacturing and sales group of automotive, material-handling equipment, and textile machinery. Find out how TICO implemented Syncron Inventory to shift from manual processing to a centrally controlled ERP system, and its long-term plan to raise inventory control levels across its operations.

OnDemand Webinars:

Don't Lose Your Intellectual Capital

As we look ahead, OEMs are working to turn the balance sheet back in their favor without layoffs. Clayton Slagle, Syncron’s Value Engineering Consultant, explains how after-sales business optimization can help you save your intellectual capital, offset lost revenue, and keep stakeholders happy.

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