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Welcome to the latest issue of InSync, the newsletter that delivers insightful resources and articles to help manufacturing professionals guide their price and inventory strategies and win in the aftermarket.

This past year has required all of us to embrace new ideas and new ways of working. With that in mind, we are sharing our best research, webinars, and blog posts from the last 12 months. We hope it helps you better navigate the year ahead.

Featured Resources:

The Increasing Importance of After-sales Service

Find out how manufacturers can emerge from today’s economic downturn stronger and more resilient, specifically citing lessons from the last financial crisis, near-term strategies for long-term gains and how new business models can contribute to more reliable and predictable revenue.

Parts Price Optimization: Opportunities and Obstacles

Learn how price optimization can improve bottom-line performance, the different pricing strategies for consideration, how to effectively segment parts to simplify the process, and how the price maturity model can help organizations increase value over time.  

Don’t Fire or Furlough—Cut Costs Through Inventory Optimization 

Discover four ways manufacturers can make the most of spare parts inventory management to cut costs—making up for lost revenue and keeping shareholders happy.

OnDemand Webinars:

Back to Basics: Using the Fundamentals of Retail Inventory Management to Drive Performance

Together with Carlisle & Co., Syncron aims to help after-sales executives re-center their thoughts in a “Back to Basics” series that will highlight the keys to optimizing the service parts supply chain to make an immediate and sustained financial impact.

Beyond the Basics: Parts Pricing Tactics for Best-in-Class Manufacturers

As manufacturers continue to adapt to the COVID-19 threat, aftersales executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure to implement new strategies to drive results quickly – leading to lost focus and productivity.

New Articles:

Why OEMs Should Explore New Service Models, Starting Now

Nearly 80% of manufacturers anticipate a financial impact from the COVID-19 crisis, leading many to consider more reliable revenue streams. It could be time to focus on digitization and shift delivery of Product-as-a-Service into high gear.  

7 Takeaways from Deloitte’s Aftermarket Services Report 

In a post-COVID world, the service supply chain offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition, enhance the customer experience and increase financial performance.

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